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Originally Posted by JOSHWALEE View Post
First off, let me apologize for the long thread. I feel like MR VTX.

Well, I posted a thread a little while back about my frustrations with mounting an Xtreme Revolution fairing on my 1300C. I ran into a few issues while installing the fairing:

1. The supplied hardware was cobbled together and appeared rigged in my opinion.

2. The 1300C Memphis Shades trigger lock brackets DO NOT work with this fairing. They are not deep enough and the lower fork mounts will hit the fairing and keep it from seating properly.

3. I chose to use Polk audio DB521's. Due to the mounting depth of a decent speaker you are required to use spacers on the lower speaker holes. This causes the speaker grills to hit the tank at full turn when installed in the "normal" position. The ONLY solution is to mount the fairing further out and use a headlight extension.

I originally installed the fairing with a 2" headlight extension, MS trigger lock brackets, and 1.25" aluminum spacers between the fairing and the mounting plates. While this did get the job done, I was not happy with a couple things... I did not want to use spacers between the plates, and I did not want quick release (memphis doesn't make standard brackets any more). To top it off, the trigger lock fork clamps have a weak point due to their adjustable design. My left upper fork mount actually snapped where the bracket is recessed for the adjustable mounting nut (luckily I had a spare to replace it with).

I spoke with Jimmie from Xtreme Revolution to get some ideas of what options I had to work with. To my surprise, he was unaware of any issue with the 1300C trigger lock hardware not being compatible. It seems (according to Jimmie after measuring them for me) that the 1800C mounting plates actually have an extra 1/2" of depth, which may make them an option for those looking to use a trigger lock system. I would still advise against it due to my experience with the fork clamps.

So after contacting Jimmie and finding myself at a loss for a solution, and finding out here that pretty much everyone is using the supplied hardware, I decided that I was going to have to be creative. I wanted a rigid mount fork clamp design, but no one offered anything. What follows is my solution to this problem...

First thing I had to address was the fork clamps. I happened to have an old Speed Demon shield from when I purchased the bike, and it came with "quick change" hardware (tools required, and not adjustable). I knew I was going to be able to utilize these clamps for my design. I would include a part number, but it appears MS doesn't list them for ANY shield for the 1300 any more .

Second, I had to address the mounting plates. I could not use the 1300 mounting plates the way I wanted without spacers, and I didn't want to spend the money and take a chance on the 1800 plates (not to mention that both a trigger lock designs anyways). My solution... I ordered a 12"x18" sheet of 6061-T6 aluminum from www.speedymetals.com . I used the 1300 brackets as a template for my starting point, and made alterations to the design. The first alteration was to elongate the plate so that the spacers could be eliminated, and the speakers would clear the tank. The second alteration was to lengthen the mounting points for the fork clamps so that the load of the fairing could be spread across more area. The lower clamp location was lowered by 1.5", and the upper clamp location was raised by .5". The pictures below show the fabricated brackets after a rough forming, and below them is the MS mounting plate:

The next picture is with the fork clamps mounted to the plates:

The plates appeared to turn out well, and I went ahead and hit them with a scotch-brite die grinder pad to clean up the raw material. I took them home and crossed my fingers that I had measured and designed everything properly. Some new stainless fasteners, fender washers, and loctite and they mount up beautifully:

I wasn't out of the woods yet... I still had to make sure that the rigid mounting system actually lined up properly on the bike. The fork clamps were installed loosely and attached to the new mounting plates. Vertical placement was adjusted, and all hardware was tightened... PERFECT!!
I had proper placement around the headlamp housing, 1/8" clearance between the lower speaker grills and the tank at full turn, and four easily accessed bolts will remove the fairing for any front end work I may need in the future.

I apologize for the bad photos taken in my garage, at night, on my phone, with a beer in hand :

Notice the elongated placement of the fork clamps on the fork tubes... This thing is ROCK SOLID!! Now that everything is exactly how I wanted it it's time to take it all off so I can polish the mounting plates.

I am extremely happy that I was able to fabricate a mounting system to my likings. However, I am also very disappointed that a fairing that is "designed" for the VTX, and advertises it's compatibility with MS hardware, would be such a PITA!! I really hope that Jimmie alters some issues with his design. I believe the XR is the best looking fairing for the VTX, but it's inherent design flaws prevent it from achieving greatness!!

Thanks for letting me waste a little of your time, and ride safe!!
Wow I had no problem mounting mine with the supplied zinc brackets. Cheap looking for sure but it mounted perfectly with a little tweeking. I did have to put a little piece of spacer on the left side steering lock. About 1/8 inch to stop the speaker from hitting the tank. But thats it. Powered coated the brackets and used stainless steel hex head bolt. It real does look great.

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