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Question Care about your rights?

This is an appeal especially to California riders. If you're a California rider who cares about your rights as a motorcyclist, please take a moment with this post.

If you haven't heard of ABATE, (American Brotherhood Aimed Toward Education) or have but don't know what its about ABATE is a motorcyclist's rights organization(not a club) dedicated to preserving freedom of choice & freedom of the road, with emphasis on education and safety.


ABATE goes to bat fighting potential laws that will effect us in ways that can potentially threaten our freedoms. Once a freedom is lost its too late to fight it, as history shows.

I just got a notice from Dave Walsh, Pres, Local 13 Abate of CA saying, "Abate of CA is in a pretty tough financial position." They can't afford to print the newsletter so they are hurting for $$.

Please remember, "Freedom isn't free" and that's all the preaching I'm going to preach.

If anyone wants to join it's $30.00/yr. or if you can even donate a buck, it would help. Here's a link to join or donate:


What has ABATE done for California bikers?

ABATE's Accomplishments

“It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once.” – David Hume

ABATE supported the establishment and the expansion of the award-winning California Motorcycle Safety Program (CMSP), and holds a permanent seat on the CMSP Advisory Committee.

ABATE assisted in the defeat of a proposed federal ban on sport bikes.

ABATE has been a driving force in promoting May as "Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month”.

ABATE’s political action arm, ABATEPAC, has trained and organized campaign volunteers to assist in the campaigns of candidates supportive of motorcyclists’ rights, which has raised the visibility and credibility of California motorcyclists with local, state and federal politicians.

ABATE Locals are involved with collecting money for charities and those in need. Tons of food and truckloads of toys are also donated each year at Thanksgiving and Christmas, working in partnership with community charity organizations.

ABATE helped to open High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes to motorcycles.

ABATE successfully challenged the San Diego Police Department over enforcement of the helmet law in federal court.

ABATE was instrumental in getting approval for Purple Heart motorcycle plates.

ABATE joined other MROs to lobby the insurance industry, putting an end to their “Superbike Blacklist” of high-performance bikes that they refused to insure.

ABATE helped defeat two separate bills to outlaw “lane-splitting”.

ABATE worked alongside virtually every national and state motorcycle rights organization and lobbied Congress aggressively to successfully repeal federal highway funding penalties against states without helmet laws.

ABATE supported the passage of H.R. 3103 in 1996, which prohibits discrimination against motorcyclists in health care availability and affordability.

ABATE was the driving force that prevented helmet law violations from being assessed against the driver’s license as a moving violation.

Below is a great read how ABATE helped get these signs up In California to run messages along their major highways alerting car and truck drivers to watch out for those on motorcycles.

by John Del Santo

The ‘E’ in ABATE stands for “education.” One of the goals we reach for is Motorcycle Awareness….educating the driving public so that they are more aware of the motorcycles sharing the road with them, and less likely to run us over.

A few years back some of our ABATE members on a cross-country run saw the electronic highway signs in several states being used for motorcycle awareness messages when they were not being used for Amber Alert and Buckle-up messages. Upon returning to California we started a project of convincing the Department of Transportation (DOT) here that this would certainly save some lives. Imagine the millions of people every week that would be seeing motorcycle awareness messages!

Years went by, sending constant letters and making hundreds of phone calls, and recruiting other people into the action. The word “no” got to be a mantra with the folks we were dealing with, banging our heads against the wall.

And TODAY, February 11, 2010, there they were! Big grins on our faces… Big electric signs up and down the freeways and highways of the state! Different messages, most of which were penned and sent in by ABATE members. Send your THANKS to the people that were involved…. Shamiel Coleman with the CHP Office of Special Projects, and the California Motorcycle Safety Program, ABATE’s Mike Osborn, & Jim Lombardo, CHP Commssioner Farrow, Sgt Mike Thomason, and Ron Miller of the Office of Traffic Safety, and big kudos to the ABATE members who sent their e-mails, phone calls and words of encouragement. Perseverance! Any motorcyclist whose life is lengthened by the Motorcycle Awareness message on these signs adds to the Karma of this assembled crew. Let them know that we appreciate the time and effort invested, and pitch in on the next project during May, which is Motorcycle Awareness & Safety Month.
The Signs will be lit with Motorcycle Awareness messages for at least a week during May for "Motorcycle Awareness Month," and for about a week during June to Honor "Ride your bike to work" week (June 21). ABATE is working on getting our messages posted on the signs for at least one or two days each month.
NOTE: We encourage everyone to send a note of thanks to the hyperlinked names above. They're set to open a new message in your default e-mail program pre-addressed to the appropriate recipient. If this causes a problem with your software set-up, use the addresses below:
Shamiel Coleman: SCOLEMAN@CHP.CA.GOV
CHP Commissioner Farrow: pspringer@chp.ca.gov
Sgt. Mike Thomason: MTHOMASON@CHP.CA.GOV
Ron Miller: Ron.Miller@ots.ca.gov

Sorry if this comes off as spam, or an ad, it's not. I believe in fighting for what you believe in. If you can't do the fighting yourself, contributing so someone else can is the next best thing.

If you don't live in California, ABATE is active in every state, just do a Google search to find yours and get involved in protecting your rights.

Thanks for your time.

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