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Originally Posted by Hilt View Post
I just bought my first vtx! I got a 2003 vtx 1800 R with 12000 miles. It has all the bells and whistles that I wanted except a seat. I. Would love to get together and ride with some people on of these weekends iif anyone is near westland area. I had a shadow 750 ace before this and my god what a difference. I think I'm gonna love this bike. I have only put 177 miles on it as I only rode it home from indiana yesterday night, but am excited to do a lot more.

Anyone from metro area want to ride with a newb?
on your upgrade. My first bike was an 03' ACE that I decided to keep when I bought my X.

If you decide on riding on the west side of the state let me know. I would be happy to ride with you. I run up and down that side alot.

Good luck on the road and hope you enjoy your new bike.

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