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Honda riders down.

Honda riders down.

Lincoln riders hit by driver on suspended license. Links to story below.

I have friends who know the couple. The newspaper seems to have left out all info about the riders. Riders had stopped on side of road, and had just gotten off of the bike. Cops said they were still even wearing their helmets, and that is probably why they are still alive. Nathan injured, still in critical. Dana knocked into yard. (I think in interview they mention 'clipping' the motocycle) Nathan's in pretty rough shape.

Of course, the important thing is that UNL athlete might not play volleyball (sarcasm intended).

I have a suggestion. If your license is suspended, and you are still driving, you have just proven that you cannot follow rules. If that happens, if you are caught driving on suspension, you need to sit out the remainder of the suspension in jail. (even if you are a UNL athlete)



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