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What is best?

Been watchin' these tire threads for quite a while now and have a comment or two and a coupla questions.
I have to question the higher pressure/longer life vs. recommended psi/shorter life issue. I'm not a rich man and would love to get as much out of my tires as I can, but not at the risk of having less bite when I need it. I'm sure there is an optimum setting and lots of guys here have given some good advice from trial and error experience. I guess time and the bike will let a guy know.
I am looking for some feedback on stock dunnies in the rain. I was out in the wet a few times last summer and just wasn't comfortable with the feel...couldn't get confident but maybe just need some more wet miles. I'm pretty sure I'd like to try the Metzlers but my bike came with a spare set of wheels with the original Dunlops so I'm rubber rich for a while.
Really would appreciate some rain tire advice...thanks
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