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Originally Posted by aardvark View Post
Dude,you're kind of being a dick about it..If you dont get,you dont get it...

If you think the street and the Internet are equal access...you aint too smart...

Anyone can access your info,from a variety of sources..Every home you have owned,where you have
worked,criminal and civil history,financial / marital status,and on and on..

Dont think so..? Give me your plate number,and we will see what I can gather...
Hell, just give me your full name,if you think your not at risk...

I used to chase bad check writers, you dont need any special clearance or credentials to access info..
You just need to know where to look....and wouldnt you suppose Identity thieves already have access points set up..?

You really need to get caught up on new technology my friend...Pony Express aint running no more....

There was a guy on another forum I went back and forth with just like you..
Just from his name,I pulled up his wife's name,pictures of their wedding,where she went to college,their address,
phone number and an aeriel picture of their house and property,with his car in the driveway...

He pulled all his info,and left the site....

Now move along....nothin to see here.....
You need to work for it, you old goat.

I've posted pic's here previously of my bikes with their plates. So go look them up. And see what you can find.

I'm all over the Internet. And there is personal information out there. There is public record of anyone on the Internet; how about I spend some time tonight and post all of your personal information.

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