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Originally Posted by Hobbs View Post
That'll work! Post up the name/address of the pub and we'll hit it at the end of a ride. I can drink a Deadguy with a Brutal bitter chaser...
That Dakota, WY, MT back to the home land thing doesn't look like it's gonna happen. Turns out they're probably going to extend me here for another 6 years. Can't really complain though, the $$$'s a lot better here and so is the riding...

It is the Green Dragon, 50 taps pouring at all times and up to 62 during the summer. If you swing by i can arrange a brewery tour of the Buckman Botanical brewery, and show you around my building. I am available around 5pm or a little earlier, just send me a text. It is located at 9th and Belmont in lower SE PDX.
Can't really say as i blame you on $$$'s and the riding.
Been taking care of business at work and at home has been my primary focus. The first place in the last few years that i found my groove and really enjoyed my place in the company. No day is the same and every day is fun. Landed on a list in January that was personally rewarding, that list was called "The up and coming". Not sure where things will take me job wise but there is really nothing that i wont do or cant do w/in the company.

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