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Originally Posted by ClevelandRocks View Post
Interesting how some puny minds work. They attack yer mother + service record + think that's hilarious. They get it back (nothin bout their moms or service) and think yer relentless + miserable. Relentless I am, any moron should know that before jumpin a Marine. Miserable in yer dreams, I'm the happiest person I know + grateful for it every day.
For the record, I never attacked your Mother or Service record. I know the limits. However, your "punishment.... at birth" is crossing the line you slam others for. Whos the Moron now, F^*kn hypocite? My Mom gave birth to me, therefore she and I are punished? With that comment jackhole your mom is 'on limits' now! But, I'm better then you and will keep your mom and service record out of this.
Of course you're the happiest person you know. You're a legend in your own mind. Have happy-time in that head of yours. Have happy-time on your 883, leader of the pack. Have happy-time knowing you don't ride a bike with tanks seams, longest produces bike in history, blah, blah, blah. You're an old broken record, that can't get away from the computer and your tissue box whenever you post. I'm happy for you that you're happy. Have a nice day
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