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Hey all, well I did it!!!! Got the 3x risers on today. It only took about 90 minutes. The hardest part was getting the tree off. Good thing I have a rubber mallet.
I want to thank all the people that gave me advice on how to do it. Captin-Kate aka Jan, you being a woman about my hight let me know they would work good for me. Enduro aka Ed, your write up was a BIG help. I would have taken it to the mechanic without it. Rebero, thanks for your input. I don't know how to get the cables off so I went with the write up. Hefly, Beriah. Thanks for your input also. I am going to try and find the manual tonight.
I am planning on going to the tech session in Arkansas in a few weeks so maybe I will learn something.
This board is the best. I will post picks when I get some. We have a big storm with hail on it's way so Bike is put away.

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