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DON'T SELL!!!!!!!!

You are in MS. Go over on I-20 to Birmingham.
See Dr. Thomas Staner.


I had L4/L5/S1 completely hosed.
He did micro surgery on me and it has been a success.
That was in June 2006.
NO PROBLEMS until April 4th, 2011 when a very large drunk lady wanted a "friend" and tackled me for a hug on a business trip in TN in from of a convienence store.

Still it is much better than before the surgery.
I was losing the use of my leg totally until Dr. Staner fixed it.
He has a very high success rate with low rates of requiring subsequent surgeries.

If you are really into riding, don't give it up. But with less than 4k miles on an 8 year old bike, you may just not be that into it.
Just my honest thoughts.
Even if you sell, check out Dr. Staner at Graystone Neuroscience.
I had the 2 best surgeons in the south list him as their second choice. Of course they listed each other first.
Or got to John Craddick. Evan Zieger died almost 2 years ago in a plane crash in the gulf. (They "were" two of the best at the time)

Be warned if you got to Staner, He is a strange guy with a dry demeanor.
John Craddick is the best but he is kind of a jerk if you aren't on his "social" level. Decent to me but I have seen him treat others in a haughty manner.

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