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dent repair

You should be able to get the dent out using the pdr method. The tank will have to be removed from the bike for starters and drained. The tank has an internal fuel pump on the left side which is located directly below the dent, remove the pump and go up through the opening(3"x6") to remove the dent. When you contact the PDR guys explain this because most will refuse based on that they must go through the filler neck, which is impossible due to the filler neck having an extension into the tank to prevent splashing gas up against the gas cap.

Once you have the tank off you need to make a base to hold the tank solid, and prevent as much movement as possible. The metal is quite thick in comparison to cars,trucks, and the person will have to exert quite a bit of force to remove the dents. The tank is single wall and has baffles, but not where your dent is

Another approach is there are pdr motorcycle specialist available(do a search) there may be one close to you, or the tank could be shipped to them. A dent like that is around $150 to fix

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