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Ain't a dimes worth of differnce in either party or who's elected prez....

Originally Posted by speedsville View Post
Well right now, (remember, it is 2012) we have a failed governor and business raider ready to take on a; OH, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES with years of experience.

Assuming Mitt gets the nomination. That could change. I'm hoping for Sanatorium.
They end up at an open convention and lots of things can change.
But right now I would bet on Mitt.
the goverment of the people by the p[eople and for the people....ain't any more!!!!!! the helliburtons and the Ge's of this country call all the shots. lobbiests are greasing political palms and we are sinking like like a lead weight into the deep abyss. Farewell Momma and apple pie. Tears for what used to be. timeto reach down and grab em and fight like a banchi!!!

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