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I've used just about every scratch removing product out there, and this is the best stuff I've found. You need to get it online, ebay, or at a detail supply store - Pep Boys and the rest don't carry it. It's Meguiars 105. It's a very aggressive compound, so you don't want to go nuts with the stuff, but I have used it to remove scratches from my tank and fenders. I've also used it to polish out after color sanding some body work on my car. Good chance it will also remove your tribal design if it is on top of the clear coat. It will easily remove 1200 grit sandpaper marks. If you follow it with Meguiars 205 polish, you'll get an incredible finish. Follow that with your favorite wax and you'll be set. I currently use a Mothers brand synthetic wax, but you can use what you like. Make sure to use clean microfiber towels, and do wax it after polishing - your clean paint will be nekkid and vulnerable.
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