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Thumbs down Saddlemen Seat for 1300R

Tried a Saddlemen Explorer seat for my 1300R, it wasn't comfy, didn't look good, and I sent it back. Cost me a "C" note to find out the hard way.
Some of their newer models look interesting, but I've no other experience.

Now riding w/ ultimate Big Boy w/backrest and modified stock seat pillion, WOW! Bunch of guys I ride with have em too, and swear by the comfort and looks.
Saw your posting about a backrest too. For a buck and a quarter get the Ultimate backrest. Made to work with the saddle.

Someone on the boards has an Ultimate set-up for sale for around $600.00. New Jersey I think... if you're looking for a deal. Supposed to be a year old and in good condition.
Owner said, "Moving to Craig's List if no one wants it on the boards."

Good Luck... Ride Safe, Live Free!

Ride safe,
Live free!
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