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Originally Posted by vietvet1 View Post
Before anyone say's I'm prejudice I am Hispanic, part Cuban part Mexican, American by birth. Yesterday I was going down the freeway during rush hour traffice. I pulled up next to a truck with 2 mexicans in it. His window was 1/4 of the way open. He then pulled into my lane without looking and without turn signal. I hit my Steubel airhorn, and I was just lucky the guy in the left lane slowed up and I was able to slide into it. This mexican didnt even look when I hit my airhorns. He just continued to move into my lane. Doing 60 mph during rush hour traffic and going down will be terminal. The passenger in the truck sat forward and was doing something but the driver never would look at me. I shot him the one finger peace sign , yelled and cussed at him. yet again, he never looked. NOW...for whatever reason, Texas is being inudated with illegal aliens who DO NOT KNOW how to drive. I am tired of almost being killed by women talking on their cell phones, or by texting while driving. Now I have to watch out for these illegal aliens. And yes, you can tell if they are illegal aliens. Little signs like mexican radio stations bumper stickers, "I support the Department of Public Safety" plastered all over the rear window. Piece's of **** trucks, or well you know. Sorry guy's, I have to vent somewhere and I sure dont want you guy's getting killed or almost getting killed!

So beware the illegal alien!!

I am going to be really pissed if one of these guy's kill me!
Your first line made me laugh out loud. As if to state that because you are Hispanic, you somehow cannot be prejudice? That's pretty damn funny. The simple fact that you chose to classify the other driver as a Mexican is a form of prejudice. It is a way of saying "hey, this guy is different that me". In fact, your rant is full of prejudice. Yes, I agree we have an illegal problem in Texas. Folks up north litterally have no clue how bad it is. But now you can tell when someone is illegal just be looking at them? You can PRE JUDGE them based on their apprearance? Pre Judge is the root of the word to the word prejudice.

The fact is, an inattentive driver almost killed you. The color of his skin, or how many hispanic radio station bumper stickers he has are irrelavent to the conversation. Hell, I have a piece of crap truck. Maybe I am illegal.

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