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Not a matter of if but when.....

Originally Posted by bilkoe View Post
Australia is similar, everyday run-ins with people who cant drive cars, when riding a motorbike. Stats' over here say about a 20% more chance of getting killed on a bike than a car as soon as soon as you get on the road. Driving skills are poor, mobile phone drivers and texters abound even with laws introduced.
All you can do is ride very defensively, hold the road and be ready for anything.
I've had a wheelbarrow, a lounge chair, builders gear and all sorts coming at me on the freeway from insecure loads and they don't give a hoot about you.
We've had I think around 14 killed this year so far, and in a country of only 21mill that aint good.
Do your best when your out there and the rest is down to luck.
Cheers Phil
It's now a game of russian roulette while riding a MC...If the inherent risk over rides the knees in the breeze 'thang' then more power to ya.
Stay Safe
Stay sane

Dixie Rose
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