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I'm not prejudice. I hate everyone equally.

Oh, and Memphis drivers are TERRIBLE!! They don't pay attention, brake randomly for no reason, don't use turn signals, don't look when changing lanes, and ride up on your rear tire and look at you like you should get out of their way.

I was riding a couple of weekends ago and had a lady in a trailblazer come up on us. We were changing lanes, and had signaled with plenty of time. She sped up to try and pass us before we changed lanes. In doing so she almost hit two of us. We occupied both lanes for a while and slowed down a little bit too. I hope she got the idea that being in a hurry isn't worth someones life. She too refused to look at us.

Oh, and you can tell when it's a woman driving. The long hair, the painted nails, the jewelry. It's a dead give away.

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