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Originally Posted by aardvark View Post
yes,very dependable...just ask Sandra Bullock.....
Well as for dependable I don't think J.J. is worried about what Sandra Bullock has to say. It was a Hollywood marriage. Most never last, it's just the way it is. I wouldn't stoop to a lesser persons level by prying into the mans private life. I have always admired his craftmanship. To be able to create things out of raw steel is amazing. I weld and do some fabricating and his talent will never be matched by the two cookie cutter twins from Montgomery.
I watch their show but I wish they would drop the drama. I would rather hang out with Jesse than Paul Jr. or Senior anytime. At least you could expect to have a good time and not get a tour of a retail store. So we all list many things about someone who's life is in a spotlight but let he without sin cast the first stone.
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