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VTX Future?

I read all these posts about the "end" of the big V twin age. The VTX no longer made. Same with Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki's big twins. It's depressing! These bikes are awesome. My wife and I took a ride today and we both commented on how much we love our 2007 VTX 1800c3. We've never owned a bike that we enjoyed so much and put so many miles on because of that joy. And we've owned a LOT of bikes.

So I guess my question for the forum is, is the VTX an asset or a liability? A rare gem the will hold it's value like a 69 Chevelle SS 396 (wish I'd held onto that one!), or a dead end bike whose resale is in a death spiral? How long will Honda support it with parts?

I plan to keep mine until/unless something unforeseen forces me to do otherwise, but until then, I just wonder what the future holds for these amazing machines?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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Good question. If I could see like that. I'd still have my 70 Challenger R/T SE.
I know these bikes have a cult following. People who love them stick with them. I want them to go up, but I also want them to lower in price so I can buy more!
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04 1300 Ceetro, Clayton mod, and otherwise stock.
03 1800 R, V& H Big shots, PCV, and more mods coming.

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68 charger
64 valiant convertible
64 impala

Just 3 i would love to have back

Vtx 1300 has 115000 and has been parked for 2 years.
Vtx 1800 has 86000 and was out today.

Might have to stock a few repair parts just incase.

05 1300S 6901 miles at start 114600 now
03 1800 R 64100 at start 80500 now dyno results 97.55 HP 110.22 torque
80550 E4 front
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Good topic...

A few of my better old cars:

69 Dodge Dart
68 Plymouth GTX
63 Plymouth Sport Fury

I would guess Honda will drop its support somewhere around the 10 year mark, but we shouldn't feel a shortage for several years after that..
I plan on riding my 1800 for a long time...

03 VTX 1800 C ~ Mustang seat, Cobra pipes, Highway bar, Memphis shade Windshield, Viking hard bags, Honda Sissy bar, and Luggage rack..

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Meh, I don't see our bikes becomeing rare collectible items. Motorcycles don't make very good collectible items as motorcycles are made to be ridden and need to be ridden to keep in form. All it takes is a car jumping a red light to destroy your 1965 Norton "Whatever" valued at 80,000 bucks to kill the bike (and maybe you).

Look at Jay Leno, plenty of weird motorcycles he's got and doesn't know a lot about them either. He's the typical example of a motorcycle snob with too much money. He did get a Vulcan 2000 when they were first made (only because it was the biggest engine at the time) and he hasn't ridden the bike since then. It's collecting dust in his massive garage along with hundreds of other motorcycles and cars. Well, not really collecting dust, as he has people that dust them off regularly.

Take a look at a 1997 Honda VT1100C ACE. Great motorcycle. Reliable as it comes. Decent power (more powerful than the HD bikes of the time). 20 years old. Being sold for 3,000 bucks. Same goes for the Honda Magna's. These were motorcycles that made a spot in motorcycle history for one reason or another, just like the VTX 1800 did in 2001. Now take a look at any HD from 1997 and people buy them for 10,000 bucks because of "history", "pride" and all that nonsense that many HD owners have been brainwashed to believe so as to pay premium prices.

To keep things in perspective, the big V-Twins from Japanese manufacturers that we so much love (I love 'em all) are too fat, too bulky, not very comfortable, handle like crap, vibrate too much (compared to other engines) and will rust fast if you don't take good care of them. Honda had to come up with the VTX 1300 because the VTX 1800 sold so badly. That tells you how much people appreciated a huge bulky motorcycle (i.e. VTX1800) that wasn't even a speed demon.

For the vast majority of people, the VTX 1800, the Vulcan 2000, the C109, the Yamaha Roadliner/1900 are too big for no other reason than being big and that puts off a lot of people and put a lot of people off in the past, which is why they sold so few of them. It was a race of who made the bigegst engine for no other reason than to claim they had the most powerful V-Twin, even if the demand for it was almost none (hence part of the reason of the VTX 1800's demise). Add to that that most people buying cruisers or collectors are not young folks (guys in their 50s and older), and owning 800lbs of bulky of metal that handles like crap isn't really much of an attractive endeavour. The goldwing is the exception, but that bike handles almost like a sportbike and is extremely comfortable.

I love all the above huge V-Twin bikes and I love their tractor-like sea-whale proportions and characteristics. Many of you do too. But we are the minority and part of an item becoming a collectible is that there's a fierce demand for it and too few of them available. VTX 1800s are being sold for 3,000 to 5,000 bucks, as so as are the Vulcan 2000, C109 etc They are now 10 to 15 years old and are getting cheaper and cheaper.

I could see some funky 1970s 1100cc Goldwing becoming a collectible item though (great bike that handled like a dream for its times).

Tsukayu VTX hard bags & Tour trunk, Saddlemen touring seat with backrest, NC custom windshield, Risers, LED lightbar, Engine guard LED lights, Cobra fatty guard, Rear engine guards, Fender rail guard, Leather tank bib, Passenger floorboards, 12v socket, ISO grips WITH bar weights, Engine chrome, Triple tree cover, Shaft cover, Fenders chrome, Progressive forks & 12.5 inch shocks, All Balls mod, Chrome clock, Adjustable trunk rack
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the VTX will not go up in value... the number of people that LOVE the machine is going DOWN...
nothing outstanding or great about it... just a Good and Reliable machine.

1964 Chevelle SS 327, 4 speed. ( stolen ) First Model Year.for Chevelle.
1965 Impala SS 409, 4 speed ( stolen) one of only 9 made.
1977 Caprice 2 door, police special .. one of 12 made with a 350... Ohio salt eat it in 11 years. bought it NEW, special order only.

back to point.. I plan to keep riding mine till ether it dies or I do Got it NEW.
,when I ordered my "F" Feb 05... New in the Crate 2002's were still available.. Cheap. $5k off.
New 2008 were still available in 2012.
and you can still find many VTX 10 plus years old with 3 to 5 thousand miles..
no one wanted them or road them

. 3 years ago my bikes TWIN... for sale 2,100 miles and $6k... wish I had the money.. 60 miles from me.

2005 VTX1800 "F" type II, Silver Tribal, 73,000 Miles, Purchased Feb, 2005.
MTC clutch & springs.. K&N Air Filter. Garmin 2597 GPS.

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It's a piece of gravel to be found everywhere, not a rare gem. Honda made so many it flooded the market driving prices so low they were selling brand new in crates for almost 50% of sticker prices by 2004. It's not going to hold value except in the people that have owned them.

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Nobody knows--why I bought a second one

Have a 2003 'R' with 46,xxx miles and found a good deal on a 2008 'T' with low miles, so hope I'm OK until father time gets me(79 next B'day). Other vehicles I wish I had kept.
Corvettes: 56, 63 convt., 64 coupe, 65 coupe, 65 convt., 67 coupe, 69 427 Coupe. Also; 56 Chevy 2 door H/T with power pack, pristine 64 Impala S/S and 60 Triumph TR3A that was great fun except for downdraft carbs and electrical problems. AHHH! those were the days my friend.
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I don't buy a motorcycle unless I've done my homework and the vtx1800f was no exception.

I've always told myself that I am not a BRAND person. It is hard not to be when you've owned a couple Hondas.

I'm still in the honeymoon stage with this one because I've had it almost a year. I've put almost 15K on it. I pamper it just like the last 5 bikes I've owned.

I have a list of love-bout-the-1800 and a few things that I do not like. Right now, as usual, I tell myself this is by far the best bike I've ever had. I've taken tons of pics of it and often stare at it like it is a pretty girl.

I do understand why these bikes did not end up like the gold wings. Never was meant to be one. I got a good deal on this one. You will always be able to find the 1800's at a very good price but this one shocked me.

So, I will continue my love affair with this beauty and see where I'm at in a year.

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Tastes are all relative. We're not clones, and our tastes in bikes, or cars, show it. I too had a '64 Impala cp., a '68 -and- '69 Z28, and a ton of beaters and winter units from a '65 Fairlane cp., to a '71 Imperial incl. slant 6 Scamp, Sport Fury, Malibu Laguna, Caprice Classic. Bikes were a CL350, CB450, 400SS, 750K, 750 Four K, 1100 Shadow Spirit, and present 1800 C. ALL Hondas. No reason to go to any other brand, incl. looks or price.

2003 1800C Black w/ H-K 3", PC III, Hondaline w/s & backrest, XM sat. radio, MB 12" shocks, Progressive fr. spgs., Wolo, SPyKER mod, Glen's gas cap, Paladins, Drag Specialties Popsicle pegs, K-N, blackened engine, Kury RTB, mirrors & r. boards, blue LED's, Rivco tach & risers, LeatherLyke bags, backrest bag, w/s tri-pouch, desmog, pr. valve mod, grd. fix, Gen. Altimax RT43, Mich. Cmdr. II, Ult. Lowrider, Showchrome grips.
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