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battery tender

How long have you kept a battery in service by hooking it up to a trickle charger after each ride?
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After the OEM battery died I installed a dura-last. 1 a year for 3 years. I used the B/T only in the colder months. When I installed this D-L, I put the bike on the charger at the end of my riding day, every day. It's been 2.5 years and still cranking strong.


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Never use it - other than a few short hours the day I'm messing with the Scoot - in the shop testing lights.
After each Ride? Never.
Somethings wrong if that's required.

It's fully charged when I pulled in from a ride. No reason to be less a week later - by very little.

I use full digital Chargers - showing voltage & percentage of charge.
12 volts means nothing - I can get that with 8 AA's. Might get 2.5 seconds of running lights with that.

Digital dials it in automatically what the battery wants to any given level - 2-40 amps.
Just as the Scoot punches it out.

The lights are on - fairly high load - then sudden discharge load of starting -
the alternator punches it out full force to charge back the battery
and keep the lights at full output at the same time.

That's a hell of a load for alternator.
Pretty obvious the high load - when yellow connector is melted/burned by many here.
Now what if the battery was only 60% charged to begin with - now the duty is really severe.

The battery was just put on charger for the first time in 3 months - still showed 12 volts.
Percentage was 45%. I didn't attempt to start it - not a good idea at 1/2 capacity.
Charging started at 11:30 PM tonight.
It showed it was hitting battery at 14.5 volts.

12 minutes later - it's showing 89% - hitting it with 15.7 volts.

I suspect it will take just under an hour to go 100%.

I was wrong - it's now fully charged in under 25 minutes - while it was at 93 % - the charger pulsed the charge on and off several times till it hit 100%.
The voltage tapered off to 13 volts.

If the crew showed up - we'd be ready to go.
Vs at 45% - and have the alternator try to burn up trying to get the battery charged and fire all the lights.

At this point - I'll switch over to the trickle charger, because now I know where it's at.
But I'll let battery rest over night first,

3 months is stretching it a little w/o charging.
But I'd rather be nice to the battery - than torture it - over charging it when it's already fully charged.
Over charging can degrade the plates.

Rapid charging like it just went through now - cleans the plates off from partial sulfating.
Slow trickle charging won't deal with sulfate state.

Nothing wrong with trickle charging - just most times - no proof of what's really going on.
Without real chargers showing the Score first.
VOM won't say the real truth either. A dead cell can still show 12volts across all cells at once.

Turn on the key with dead cell - everything would go black. Dead cell can't support the load and falls off quickly.

Maybe a thousand hits in this forum of just this issue - trickle charger on all month or more - hit the key - Nothing.
That's just not an option here.

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They're only needed for extended periods of inoperation. If you fire it up/ride it at least once a week then you don't need it. It's a good idea to keep one handy during the winter if you're in an area where you can't ride much. Last thing you want is a random nice day to arrive and you can't ride.

To answer your question though a properly maintained battery should last you at least a couple of years on a motorcycle.

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I ride 05 1300r. Bought it in 2010. According to first owner, battery never replaced. Battery still working after 8 years. I have never used battery tender, although I do own one. Battery does seem a bit slow on starting. Maybe 8 years is long enough????

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Originally Posted by mightywarrior72 View Post
I have never used battery tender, although I do own one.
Battery does seem a bit slow on starting. Maybe 8 years is long enough????
That's crazy cool to last that long - 8 years might be a record.
I have noticed - the guys that live in warmer climates that can ride often tend to get extreme use out of their batteries.

It also says a lot of how well the charging system keeps the battery in perfect condition that's needed.
I think it has a lot to do with pure DC applied vs battery chargers leaking AC into the process.

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I have a 2006 1300 with the original battery. Only put it on the tender in the winter. Also I switch back and forth from the lawn mower to the bike so there are weeks off and on. She seems to crank up fine.

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Ive got 3 bikes,2 vehicles...all have tenders..using one cant hurt...good luck

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I got my bike New. February 2005. it still has the original battery. 41,000 miles.
I put on the battery tender, if the bike is parked for 2 weeks or longer. and all winter.
But my truck still has it's original battery and its a 2004 Dodge. but never had a charger connected to it. and the Dodge has 38,000 miles. yes 38,000. and I also bought it New. June 2004. but the truck is driven at lease once a week, every week. bike not so much.
Right or wrong, Who knows.
I just know the batteries and the bike/car/truck charging systems are better TODAY, than ever before. just Don't buy cheap.

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Trickle charger on in the Winter. Note difference between trickle charger (only when low) and battery charger (constant charging).
A week or two between rides should not matter in warmer weather although I could never make it that long

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