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TennX 09-22-2013 09:22 AM

Home For Sale........

dminyard 09-22-2013 09:55 AM

Thanks for posting this. It's just what I've been looking for. :thumbup:

KeyWasted 09-22-2013 10:15 AM

12.5 big and no A/C?
I'll pass.:mrgreen:

billshep2 09-22-2013 11:28 AM

Hey TennX. You buy it and we'll all come visit! :mrgreen:

mike n 09-22-2013 10:24 PM

Yes Sir
Rode into Jackson Hole last year on ther X with the gal friend.. We stopped at a side walk cafe and paid $16.00 apiece for a mediocre burger.... She rode back to Spearfish and I continued on to Phoenix... I am in Spearfish as I type... Be here til the end of October... There are some rich folks there in Jackson Hole... But I hear a couple places in Montana are giveng them a run for their money...Dunno? I'm what they call po folk....:mrgreen:

pushrod 09-22-2013 11:56 PM


Originally Posted by TennX (Post 3849729)

2.5 acres, wow that's a lot of space, I could put a mobile home out back for visitors and such...

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