Hello from Boise ID

Me and 3 friends are going to make a run to Reno this weekend and then want to drop down to Yosemite for a day. By Map quest it looks to be roughly 460miles, 10 – 12 hours of drive time. Reno to Lee Vinning to Yosemite Village to Angels Camp to Kit Carson and back to Reno. But I was looking for some clarification on some items.

So my questions are:

Is this a doable run in a single day or are we gonna get tied up with traffic and be getting back to Reno in the Dark?

How is the park with the California wild fires? Will visibility be down for driving and sight seeing?

We are planning on going in the East entrance out of Lee Vining. The Warrior traveling with us only has a 3.8 gallon tank and is worried about gas. Is there stations inside the park? Know the price will be high but better then pushing hehe.

Thanks for the information.

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