The biggest, baddest cruiser Honda has ever produced, the VTX1800R is powered by a 1795cc V-twin with an exhaust valve bigger than a P-51's and a massive 18.8 kilogram crankshaft.

Full-flowing deeply valanced front and rear steel fenders, chrome-hooded headlight, broad fuel tank with tank-mounted instruments, pullback handlebar and floorboards with a heel-and-toe shifter combine to create classic styling that puts the VTX1800R in a class of its own.

Cast wheels similar to the VTX1800C's but with 'phat' 150/80-17 and 180/70R16 radial tires round off the VTX1800R's low-profile silhouette.

The VTX1800R. Outrageous horsepower in a mellow package.

Low Profile Mirrors
Drag Bars
Chrome Grips
Highway Pegs
Ghost Front & Back Signal Lens & Tail Light