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Well, I can see some hapless klutz dropping something into the radiator...
I agree .
It also would need to have the area cleaned with compressed air so debris would not enter cooling system when the servo is slid back. It could be a very expensive mistake. If the right cable holder is removed after removing the servo mounting bolts as shown in photo #1 the servo slides out easily without removing the radiator cap.
Photo #2 shows a way to route the light sensor wire inside the mirror assembly.
Photo #3 shows a good route for the sensor wire.
Photo #4 shows the location I chose for the light sensor. I don't like wires that flex with the steering although it is sometimes necessary.
Photo #5 is just another sensor view.
I also removed the dash and ran a piece of 3/8" heat shrink tube from the left slave to the right master. It is routed not to rub on moving steering parts and remains unshrunk.
Just another way to skin the cat. Nice video Chris .