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Kountry 05-07-2019 12:15 PM

Newsletter list builder
<p dir="ltr">Hey team,

As you may recall we started offering newsletters some time ago for all members who expressed interest in them. We are excited to communicate that we have decided to extend that offer to guests of the site in addition to members!

<p dir="ltr">
So in the coming weeks guests of the site will be seeing the following overlay inviting them to sign up if they want to keep updated. This will allow guests to see a sneak preview of what the site has to offer and perhaps even give them that extra push to sign up and become part of the community. (This is just a sample, it will match the logo of the site)

<p dir="ltr">https://i.ibb.co/Tkpxh5G/Overlay.png

<p dir="ltr">This will only show up for guest users and only after having gone through 4 pages on the site. Likewise, the overlay is cookie tracked. At present, if the user dismisses it the overlay will not return for 14 days, or if they view the site in incognito mode or clear all their cookies it will return sooner.

<p dir="ltr">Please let us know if you see any reports of users seeing this when logged in or outside of those parameters.

<p dir="ltr">Thank you all so much!

<p dir="ltr">~ Community Support

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