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blazinhot 04-03-2004 02:11 PM

v&h exhaust
hey guys!thinking about getting bigshots for 2003 1800c.anybody know of any sites where i can hear different exhaust systems(full systems or slipons)thanks

VTXFlyer 04-03-2004 08:08 PM

I think there is something on KingCobras site. I'll check and get to you. 8)

Just looked.. go to www.kingofthecruisers.com/ he has a side bar with sounds...they sound real nice. Someday, I too, will have V&H Bigshots :cry: Just waiting for that money-train to get here. :D

Riley 04-04-2004 01:24 PM

bone has a set on his 1800C- he lives in Muskego. Hear them in person.

I haven't seen him post in awhile, but I can get the number for ya.


David 04-08-2004 04:16 PM

v&h exhaust
I was at Des Plaines (IL) Honda yesterday evening when an 18C pulled up. He had a Kury Hypercharger, Power Commander III, V&H Bigshots with standard baffels (compared to their "quiet" model), and a custom map from a dyno shop in his home area of north Chicago suburbs. Man, did that bike sound sweet!!! He said it really opened up the bike and that it ran like a scalded ape.

I suspect that the entire package was in the $2k area, inculding the Dyno work. Man did that bike look and sound sweet!!!

Did I mention that it was a sweet bike?

Let's see what uncle Sam does, maybe I've got my next project planned.

Brad (bchez) 04-08-2004 07:00 PM

There will be a few bikes with bigshot at the April 17th get together.

Riley 04-09-2004 10:47 AM

Hey brad
Hey brad- how ya been?


Brad (bchez) 04-09-2004 11:14 AM

Other than traveling way too much for work I’ve been great.

Can’t wait for the 17th to roll around, nothing like a group of VTX’s rumbling down the street.

RU469 04-09-2004 05:06 PM


The Des Plaines Honda is .5 miles from my place.

Drop me a PM some time, we can hit the road.

David 04-12-2004 01:53 AM

v&h exhaust
Blackubar, I sent you a PM with my phone and email at work. Give me a call when you're up for a ride.

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