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Prospect to buy: 03 1300 - What should I look for?

Hey everyone..new guy here.

My wife and I have decided to sell our Jetskis that we've had for about 5 years and move on to something new.. This VTX is high on my prospect list of bikes..actually, leading the pack honestly.

It's an 03 (correction) with only 14,000 Kilometers (8600 miles) and is a real gem...every accessory I want (the batwing fairing w/radio, tasteful saddlebags, comfy 2 up seat with backrests, etc), a nice V&H Bigshot exhaust, and it's priced very aggressively. Doesn't appear (from my glances so far) to need anything to certify.

I'm sure you all know this bike like the back of your hand, so what should I look for? Any typical problems with the 03 model being the first year for the 1300 as I understand it?

Guidance and thoughts appreciated.


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