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Originally Posted by Papa Smurf View Post
I had those same thoughts after my encounter with a deer back in July of 2015. I was on my 97 Valkyrie and broke both bones in my lower left leg, 6 ribs, punctured lung, and a cracked scapula and spent 6 days in ICU and a total of 15 days in the hospital. It took me several weeks before I knew I wasn't done riding yet. My Valk was totaled but luckily I still had my VTX 1300 and was riding again by Halloween. Even though I still ride, I have to admit to times of being uneasy out there, not so much by traffic, but by the 4 legged forest rats known as deer. They absolutely do seem to come out of nowhere. I was riding alone and luckily a good samaritan stopped and called in the accident. I am not as comfortable riding by myself anymore but am glad I decided to keep riding. Give yourself some time before you decide anything as others have said. Plus, whatever you decide can be undecided at any time. This isn't one of the decisions that is written in stone. By the way, I am 65 and don't see myself riding forever, but as long it is still fun and I am physically able, I will continue. Best of luck to you, and as Mr. Spock said, "Live long and prosper."
Have you ever thought of putting those little deer "horns" on your bike. The ones they sell for cars...supposed to make some high pitched noise that only deer hear?

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