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Originally Posted by nate6966 View Post
Nicely done, HOP! Makes my gears crank and start to think lollipop baffles might work well on my HK Sideburners...
Thoughts as to where I'd need to research for distance and placement?
Goal is to lower the decibels/volume.

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look back in this thread to my post# 5, that provides all I know about where to mount the Lollipop. Big City Thunder (https://www.bigcitythunder.com/produ...les-part-2003/) sells these (see photo) if you have about $80.00 to spare, and they simply use your stock baffle mounting hole to install, unless you are doing some kind of custom location install. Most of us DIY types just make their own and spend the savings on other things. Still, Big City might have something there that suits your needs more than the most basic baffle they offer.

I would say that without a doubt installing a lollipop baffle will improve sound and performance over pipes with no baffles. The cool thing about a baffle mod is it isn't permanent, so if you don't like one version, you can re-install your previous baffle. Others may chime in regarding their experience and knowledge on the topic.

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