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Originally Posted by VTXRN View Post
What about securing a grabber tool to an inspection camera? Hold lollipop with grabber tool, visualize while you feed it down the pipe and the visualize proper placement.

Actually, yes—something like the tool in the photo below could work to get the lollipop down the pipe past the bend, however once even a flexible extension goes through the pipe bend, the bend would tend to hold the wire against the top of the pipe that comes right after the bend and it becomes near impossible to place it down or up, as you could with a straight pipe. You wouldn't need a camera, if you just scored the end of the lollypop as indicated in the previous 'ideas' and my actual application. I would say that my string idea was so easy and cost-effective that anybody that wanted to use a 'grabber' could try it and I'm betting the string method would get it done faster.

Since the solution to this 'puzzle' has already been presented, the challenge now becomes to find an even easier or better method than I came up with.

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