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Originally Posted by VTXer_wannaB View Post
203 miles. The next ride I was letting the bike warm up, putting on the helmet, gloves, jacket, etc. then the bike ran out of gas. In me defense the best place to run out of gas is in the drive way.
LOL! I'd argue that running out of gas at the pump would be better, but the stress and anxiety SUCKED!
I was on a ride with a couple buddies (one on a Road King, one on a Goldwing - both far greater range than my 1800F) when we finally approached a gas station. NO JOKE - my bike stalls out as I'm going into the turn lane to head into the gas station - a split second white knuckle coast across the oncoming lane of traffic (it was clear enough, but made the oncoming guy brake - NOT ideal ). I had to get my feet down and shove it once or twice to reach a pump... Yeah, that was not a fun one.

I had to sit there and take the crap the other two guys were giving me. I would'a left 'em in the dust to show what I get for performance along with the gas mileage, but like I said - Dale was on a Goldwing and he would have QUICKLY put me in my place.

The mileage? I don't remember exactly, but before we approached that little town I remember looking down and thinking "183 miles, damn, we better see a station coming up"

2007 VTX 1800 F Spec 3 - Mustang Seats, Cobra Angled Slashcuts, House of Kolor Blueberry Pearl paint and custom tank badge, lots of chrome, lots of sanding and polishing on the aluminum!
other stuff - HID headlight, airbox decapped plus K&N, ground fix, PAIR/desmog, tail light area minimalized, horn relocation, fwd controls extension, switch spiders removed, reflectors removed, Barnett clutch kit, Cobra FI2000R

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