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Thats what I paid from my 2003 VTX1800 brand new off the show room floor in October 2004. That included Title, Tax, and 5 year warranty. When I see a bike like this my first thoughts are: 1) are those 14 year old tires?; Are the rubber hoses dry rotted?; Do I really believe they changed the brake and clutch fluid every two years as specified by Honda; Is that 14 year old oil in the crankcase?; Is that 14 year old coolant in the radiator? After paying a premium price for a 14 year old motorcycle, how much more will I have to pay to bring it up to a safe operating standard? Will my $8,000, 14 year old motorcycle suddenly be a $9,000 motorcycle with 15 or 20 hours of personal time invested fix 14 years of neglect in the first month ow ownership? Others will simply change the oil and start driving, thinking they got a great deal. Maybe yes, maybe no.

2003 VTX 1800 C, Rinehart Exhaust, Hypercharger, PCIII, Custom map for each cylinder, 1300 FD, Spec 3 F-wheels, 200x50x18 Metzler
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