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USB charging issue - AKA Gremlin Chasing

Installed a USB power port for charging SAMSUNG S5 Galaxy. Worked flawlessly for 3+ years. Now, the phone "connects / dis-connects" from charging status. Connects for about 3 seconds, then disconnects for about 10 - 12 seconds.
Took voltage readings from the four tabs in USB port.

From left to right in the image, readings are:
1. 1.8 mV
2. 1.979 V
3. 2.66 V
4. 4.94 V

So, does anyone know what the voltages should be?

Trying to troubleshoot and confirm the problem before just replacing parts. The phone charges everywhere else (car, home, etc). Took the charging cable (USB Port to Phone) and tried it in car and AC, works great. So I think the problem is the cable/USB Port....

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