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Funny this comes up now.
I heard some scratching around in my wall yesterday which I know from experience is an on again off again red squirrel issue. I set up a live trap as the only way in or out of the tiny opening they found in some sheet metal at ground level.

This morning I found the trap closed and instead of a pesky red squirrel (and they'll chew through anything including wall studs and wiring) I found a baby weasel! No more than 6" long.

I figured there's no way he was in the wall but I found on the internet that they have been known to go in looking for mice or squirrels to eat....could also be that he just smelled the peanut butter as he was passing by.

I set the trap up again to see if there were any more to come out before I seal it up or maybe it still was a squirrel still to be caught. Nothing yet this afternoon.

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