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So 2 1/2 years after posting this thread, I find myself in a familiar situation. I ended up passing on the VTX from the original post. I took a few summers off from riding, but the desire has returned.

Not to give everybody Dejavu, but I am most likely going to pick this VTX 1800N up this weekend, unless this post throws up some large red flag. https://www.cycletrader.com/listing/...00N-5003238193 Looking at what others are selling for, the price seems more than fair, especially with the Batwing Fairing included. The Fairing and quick release mounts seem to be a $500+ option if bought new. It is a 2005 with 24,000 miles. Is there anything that I should be particularly aware of with this year/make/model? Any tell tell signs of the bike having issues? I looked at it in person, and it is in excellent condition. Paint is nearly perfect, chrome looks good, tires are nearly new, etc. I am planning on going to ride it on Saturday with cash available to make a cash offer.

Thanks for the input.....even 2 1/2 years later.

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