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2019 Unofficial Scavenger Hunt

Since I claimed the last mark on the 2018 Hunt, I use all my unofficial authority to start for 2019.

As always, the point is to encourage us to get out and ride. More importantly, to have fun and we all know those two often go hand in hand.

So for rules:
A mark/tag is named and the first person to take a photo of their bike with that particular category gets to name the next mark/tag and it continues.
No old photos allowed. You must ride to the mark after it has been named and your bike needs to be in the picture. Obviously, you cannot claim your own mark.

Try to make the target something accessible to most riders, so not too obscure.

If a mark is unclaimed for a lengthy amount of time, the last finder can name a new category to keep things moving along. However, I am not going to stipulate any particular amount of time. We're a casual group.

And that's it. Get out and ride! And post pics to encourage others to do the same.
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