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Originally Posted by prkuehn View Post
According to the amp specs it appears to be stable at 2 ohms so option 1 will yield the most output since a mono feed will drive the speakers at 2 ohms. Since the speakers are not more than 3 feet apart in the fairing you will not be affected by mono vs stereo output.
Thank you!

A local friend said the same thing. This is how I have it wired right now. What I don’t understand, is why? Why would there be more power only using 2 channels to bridge 2 speakers vs. 4 channels with 2 separate bridges.

Don’t the amps just send equal watts to each channel, so wont I only be pushing 2 channels worth of watts to two speakers? Or is it because the ohms go down when bridging 2 speakers?

I just don’t like not understanding this.

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