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Originally Posted by rangers4u View Post
Plenty of Green Turtle restaurants around. Just remember ROY G.BIV to help your search other than black & white. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. Or places like the Pink Flamingo or Pink Pussycat.
LOL I am a man, I don't recognize any other colors besides the basic ones.
Heck, I can't even spell fuchsia without them Interwebs, let alone know WTH it is.

No Green Turtles around here (must be a locale thing). No Pink Flamingos or Pussycats here either. What are these establishments you visit?

And thx for the lobster hint, didn't even cross my mind since we don't frequent that chain.

Too cold today to ride (34F this morning with very cold wind from a cold front - I am a wimp, that was too uncomfortable for me). Otherwise I'd have already done it.
So somebody go out there and snap a picture with the mark!

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