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That's the land of people who buy a gun thinking suddenly they no longer have to fear someone walking up to them and beating them to death with a newspaper, or slitting their throat with a credit card, or how about yanking their purse out of their hands, pulling out the tiny handgun they bought for protection and shooting them with it?

My point being that buying/owning a handgun doesn't free anyone from the possiblility of becoming a victim of random violence, and furthermore, statistics show that owning one will likely increase your chances of being shot by that same gun and if you have a teen that they will use it on themselves.

Just buying/owning a gun doesn't mean you know how to use it in self defense and statistically the chances of the average person being in a situation where it saves their life is far outweighed by the chance of them or another family member being injured by that same gun.

Gun owners (I'm one) would have a lot more credibility if they didn't cling to myths so much and base their reasoning on invalid conclusions.


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