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Originally Posted by Engineoops View Post
Here in ky come June 1st , we can legally carry concealed weapon without a permit.
Good to know. Though my state has reciprocity with y'all's on carry permits so I m good, thank you. [IMG class=inlineimg]https://www.vtxoa.com/forums/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif[/IMG]
Out of curiosity, does that new law apply only to residents of the state?
No, you don't have to be a resident to carry concealed without permit in ky come June 1st. Just have to be already able to legally own a gun. My sister didn't believe in gun rights , till a man tried to rape her . she now carries a pistol . with the drug epidemic there is more crazy ****e going on than there used to be . some guys on meth tried to get into my house at 3am a few years ago . I subdued the 2 at gunpoint without firing the gun .

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