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Originally Posted by cokerb View Post
Question for sureshot and leroys73. Always liked the RSV and just happened to find one close by. 2005 with 45000 miles listed for 3800.00. If I decide to look at it anything I need to look for? What are your thoughts on the bike in general? Gas mileage? Power? Comfort?

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I swear I responded to this days ago. I really like the RSV for two up. The price you are looking at seems reasonable. I paid $4500 for an 01 with 38k. The clutch seems like the common thing like many and if you open the oil filler you will be able to see the purple pressure plate if it has been upgraded to the Barnett pressure plate. The rear shock can be an issue I'm told but no problem with mine. PM me if you have any other questions.

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