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Originally Posted by VTXArizona View Post
Here's my routine for a cold start:

Pull choke out only long enough to start the bike, then push choke back in and at the same time i turn the throttle until its idling at 1000 rpms on my tachometer and lock down my throttle lock. leave it like that while i put on my helmet and gloves and attach MP3 player (about 1 min), get on the bike, flip off the throttle lock and i'm ready to go.
Have you tried not using the choke, and start off by twisting the throttle once before starting (if sitting for a while), then follow your regular steps from "turn the throttle until..."?

I have mine dyno jetted, so perhaps this might be why, but I do not need the choke at all.

2009 VTX1300R
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