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It happens to us too

Hey Guys,
Just a while ago, got back from hospital, after having my left breast and two lymph nodes under my arm removed. A few weeks ago my breast was sore which of course is unusual. I felt around and had a hard lump and showed my wife. She nagged me into getting a doctors appointment and he sent me for a biopsy. The referral to a surgeon came next and within a few days I was into a private hospital to have surgery ( my wife has nagged me not to drop our private health cover when the premiums kept going up, thank goodness as on the public system it is much slower) I am now at home with a drain still attached which a home nurse will hopefully take out tomorrow afternoon. Next week it is back to the specialist to see if the cancer has spread. Much reassessing of what is really important in life. I still haven't told any of my riding buddies as it is a funny (odd) thing to bring up. I write this here to maybe make you other old guys aware that we need to listen to our wives and keep checking ourselves out. (ref Tennex,s post)
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