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Nice pix. I used the testimony of HawkVTX from Alabama several years ago for Ride-On. He was 70 miles from home and picked up an aluminum gitter spike which came up through the center and then out the side. He made it home due to the sealant protection of the Ride-On. To further this praise, 2 years ago I was 300 mi. from home, staying at a friend's about 250 miles from home for the night, when I picked up a ringed flooring nail dead center of the tread. In my darkside car tire. It started riding a little funky due to slowly losing air (which I didn't realize at that point). Made it to my friend's for the night, and the next morning another friend while getting ready to leave before me, mentioned my tire was flat. So the safety factor, and saving me a tow, was well worth it being that far from home. I proceeded to plug it, and it got me home safely, where I then replaced it with another CT. I may be in the minority but I do not trust plugged tires. If I have to, I have to, but no.

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