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Originally Posted by Jacob View Post
BIKE 2004 vtx 1800 r, with 15000 miles on it. great condition.

Ok, so, This is my second bike, I've only been riding about a year and a half now and I'm still learning but something feels different from my last bike and I was wondering what peoples thoughts were and/or if there is something that needs attention.

It could just be my inexperience riding but when I am coming to a stop on my bike, the bike feels like it wants to stall out early and it has stalled a couple times from not engaging the clutch in time.

I know that when I come to a complete stop that I need to engage the clutch but it feels like I am having to do this earlier than I should, I don't remember having to engage the clutch as soon in a stop on my old bike.

Also, when I am going into turns it feels like the bike is bogging down or it is struggling to get going or I have to drop the gear to the point that the bike cant keep up and it wants to skid just so I can accelerate again. It feels like the bike is struggling at the lower end of the gears in the turns to keep up and throttle. Again I understand that it could just be my inexperience but I really don't remember having to shift as much in or through turns on my old bike.

lastly, it feels like the bike is lacking in 5th gear a little bit on the early side of the gear. I have to wait until Im going about 50pmh before I can shift up to 5 and have a good power transition, that might be normal too but it sounds and feels like the rpms are higher than normal at that point and that they are lower or struggling in 5th.

I know the owner before put a "desmoger kit" in the carb and did some other small modifications like a 3" handle bar raiser.

All the spark plugs are new, the battery is new, everything seems to be in good shape as far as the bike goes but it doesn't feel right

50 MPH in fifth gear never, should not be higher than third gear. Remember you have 4 inch Pistons in this machine, pull the clutch in or it stall out and you may fall over!

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