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How to stock 02 1800r seat to ultimate seat

I found a a used ultimate x seat for 60 bucks shipped. DEAL OF THE WEEK! 🤫 It was on Facebook market I think. It looks nice for a used seat as you can see. So before I purchased I called ultimate to see what it would cost to have a passenger seat sent to me. I almost fell over at a quote of $225 plus shipping. All of a sudden $60 seat has turned a cheap project send to a second mortgage. I know that's exaggerating a little bit but you get my point. It showed up today in a box and to be honest I had forgotten it was on its way when the box showed up I was scratching my head wondering what could it be and then big oversized container.

When I seen the seat my rear end you got excited since I had test road on 06 1800 r. Which came stock with the ultimate seat or so I presume. I unbolted my stock seats I'm bolt it on the ultimate to make sure it was going to be a clean fit and it was. After sitting on it for a few seconds I got up to look how the bike would look riding down the road tonight without the passenger seat on it. I just didn't look right with the bracket on the fender and the two leather hard bags on each side it looks like something was missing not to mention there's a sissy bar on the bike to.

I sent the passenger seat in place have my wife jump on It to get some eyeball measurements and where the girl ends up sitting back there. I knew it wasn't going to fit before I even tried. But the rear passenger seat overlaps the ultimate by about 3 and 1/2 to 4 in jacking up the front of the passenger seat inch and a half or two from the bolt holes lining up. I put the back bolt in and scratch my head walking back and forth just to look at it I try to visualize what I could do to make the passenger seat work. Because basically all it is is a smaller pan so I knew removing some product what's going to be my next task. But I also knew removing the wrong product I will be spending a minimum of $225 plus shipping to buy a new one.

I took some pictures and some video I'll try to upload so you can see the process. Basically we snipped off the front of the plastic pan and some of the phone and took our time stretching it and stapling it back into place and I got to tell you that looks like it came from the factory.

I'm posting this little snippet in case somebody else runs into a good deal on an ultimate seat but doesn't want to fork the cash up for the passenger seat. By the way if you have a passenger seat or a backrest that will fit that's real cheap hit me up. In the morning we're going to measure the backrest slot that's in the ultimate seat it looks to me like to inch flat bar and I'll probably make my own back rest as well. Here soon I plan on painting the bike and total I'm getting all the seats covered. How cool with ostrich be?

Oh and all this is really a pain was Operation. It all took about an hour. With a few cutting tools regular construction staple gun and a razor blade I don't want together very well I did form the foam with an electric knife
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