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Put the Tranny in Neutral, on the STARTER RELAY short the Battery Terminal to the Starter Motor Terminal(both are the large cables)
Some sparks when you make the connection and engine should crank. An old screwdriver is good.

Another possibility is the GROUND line of the Starter Relay.
Neutral Switch and when in gear with the kickstand UP, and clutch lever pulled you should get starter relay activity.
Neutral light ON???

Is the wire with the corrosion still connected to the copper button???
Wire could be broken and the tar/RTV stuff could be holding it to the switch.
Do you know if the Black/White wire has voltage on it???
Test light or volt meter???

I had a battery that died suddenly. First crank in the morning was good. Rode 60 miles and parked. 30 mins later no crank.
Lights were good. They are not the brightest in the daytime. A bump start and on the road again. A stop at an auto parts place.
The only battery was for HD and VTX. Another bump start and headed home. Bought a new battery, the old tested 12 amps on a load,
more than that and it flat lined. That is why the headlight was kind of ok...

Another thing I remembered, when I went pushed the starter button and released it, the headlight would not come on.
I had to recycle the IGN switch to see the headlight again.

Starter/IGN fuse??? Checked/replaced it???
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