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Rotella is JASO-MA specd' and therefore is specified by Honda for use with the VTX clutch. Many Harley owners use T4 in their primary with no ill effect on the clutch.

People love to over think oil. It's one of those things that people think makes a bigger difference than it really does. Many VTX owners have used the cheapest automotive 10W40 they can find, without ill effect to the motor or drivetrain. I prefer, always have, fully synthetic oil ... helps me sleep nights. My son's V4 VFR specifically forbids synthetic oil, so he uses Rotella T4. That V4 runs way harder than your VTX ever will, and it has well over 80,000km on it now. It still runs like new. My point is that most of what you hear about oil is anecdotal but there are many who use T4 and T6 exclusively and swear by it. IMO it's great oil for bikes.
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