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I have been using Rotella T6 for the past 40K between 2 bikes, my Shadow Aero 750 (22k) and my VTX 1300 (18k).
I used Dino oil on my Aero the first 2 oil changes since i bought it brand new (first 4 K), could have just gone 1k for the break-in but i went 1 more.
Never had a negative issue with T6 and i have never burned oil at all. Bike runs "happy" with T6.

Having said that, i have been contiplating using a different synthetic, perhaps Mobil One or one of the other high end formulas once to just compare and see for myself.

Like an occasional bottle of champagne, as a Treat for the bike... lol

2007 VTX 1300R Pearl Challenger Brown (aka Titanium)

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