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Originally Posted by VTXCRZR View Post
Or parents can be positive participants in school by helping kids with their homework and such so when they leave for school, kids can feel confident and prepared. Parents can actively participate in other school activities, scouting, and other activities such as sports, gymnastics or dance giving their child a positive distraction from school.

I know, your too tired or too stressed out from your job or you don't have enough time. But don't you see, that's exactly why you should go that extra mile for your kid's education so they don't have to grow up and have the same deadbeat job you have that prevents you being a positive participant in your kid's education.

That what my parents did and thats what we did for our kids, and now our kids are doing for their kids. Three generations away from coal mining and we are doing well, love our jobs, and most importantly love and support our kids.

Two phrases that struck me were:

Referring to Mom as a "...cranky chauffer with complete control over you....."

Referring to call Dad as "....the thermonuclear option"

What a terrible family experience and parenting styles.
As the oldest of 9 kids, I could have referred to my MOM as an uneducated (left school early 9th gr.) baby-factory homemaker type, and her husband as an alcoholic cradle-robbing sperm donor, but I didn't. Lord, how did I survive and overcome? Note: I refuse to ever refer to him as DAD.

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